We're here to help.

A lot can happen in college, and whether you need academic or social support, we have ways to help. Check out the resources below to know what's available and who to contact.

Report a Concern or Need

If you have any type of concern, we'd like to help. To report a need for support for yourself or another student, fill out the online form here or contact the Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities at (503) 517-1008. The form works for reporting:

  • Student Care or Concern Reports
  • Anonymous Incident Reporting
  • Bias Incidents
  • Title IX Reports
  • Other Concerns

For any emergencies, please call 911. You may also call Campus Safety for urgent, non-emergency follow up at (503) 250-1730.

Academic Advising

What major is best for you? What classes do you need to graduate on time? Professional academic advisers are here to help you understand your options during your first two years at WPC, and faculty serve as your advisers during your Junior and Senior years. To request a meeting with an academic adviser, call (503) 517-1322.

If you'd like to speak with a mentor from our Center for Career and Calling about your major choices, internships, or the job that might fit your skills and interests, you may contact them here.

Request Accommodations for a Disability


Do you have a documented disability that requires classroom or campus accommodations? The Disabilities Resource Center provides support to help you fully participate in your classes and succeed in college. For any student seeking accommodations, contact the Disability Resource Coordinator as soon as possible, ideally 30 days prior of each semester in which you are seeking accommodations. For processes and information, visit their website.

To contact the Disabilities Resource Coordinator, Jann McCaul, call 503.517.1577, email jmccaul@warnerpacific.edu, or stop by her office Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Her office is located in Smith Hall, Room 208, on the Mt. Tabor campus.

Counseling Center

Our goal is to provide a supportive and confidential environment for addressing issues and concerns that are important to students. These services are designed to help students understand themselves better, strengthen their coping skills, foster healthy relationships, and improve their academic performance and community engagement. Common issues in counseling include:

  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Adjustment to college
  • Academic motivation
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Grief and Loss

Making an Appointment

A student at Warner Pacific may pick up a blue form called a “Request for Counseling Services” from the Caldwell Counseling Center or from the Student Affairs Office. After a student completes this confidential form, the student submits it to the Director of the Counseling Center. The Director will then assign a graduate therapist to the student typically within two days. The therapist will contact the student directly to schedule an initial appointment.


If you or a student you know is experiencing a mental health emergency, the Director of the Counseling Center may be contacted at 503.517.1119. The Multnomah County Crisis Line may also be contacted for crisis support and evaluation services at 503.988.4888.

Tutoring Services

Working with a tutor can be a really helpful way to reinforce your understanding of course material or to become a better student overall. Tutors can help with reviewing class notes, clarifying concepts, suggesting study methods, brainstorming paper topics, organizing thoughts, and much more. So whether your goal is to pass a difficult course, to raise your grade, or to simply learn, tutoring is available for all types of learners. Here are several ways to access our tutors:

  • Academic Success Center (ASC): Otherwise known as the tutoring center, the ASC is located on the main floor of the Otto F. Linn library during the school year, and ADP's Centre 205 campus during the summer. Tutoring is available on a first-come-first-serve basis, but appointments can be made if you coordinate with the tutors directly. 
  • Brain Food: As an extension of the ASC, Brain Food is located in the Cafeteria and offers limited tutoring during lunch hours. It's a relaxed alternative to the library, so feel free to bring your lunch and study with our tutors!
  • Online Writing Help Desk: You can submit your writing assignments to the Help Desk and receive constructive feedback from a writing tutor between 24-72 hours. This is a great resource for busy students on the go!

To find the tutoring schedule and to access the Online Writing Help Desk, check out the Academic Success website.

Questions about tutoring? Contact the Director of Academic Success, Rod Johanson, at 503.517.1010 or rjohanson@warnerpacific.edu. His office is located in Smith Hall, Room 215, on the Mt. Tabor Campus.

Library Services

If you would like assistance navigating all the Otto F. Linn Library offers you, the library staff is available for support. Here’s just a sampling of what the library staff can help you with:

  • Checking out or ordering books and other media
  • Finding scholarly research articles from respected periodicals, journals, and online websites
  • Signing up for your free subscription to The New York Times
  • Giving tutorials for how to use EBSCOHost, Academic Search Premier, and other databases
  • Learning how to navigate the library website and research guides, and much more!

Feel free to contact any one of the library staff with your questions. Their offices are located in the Otto F. Linn Library on the Mt. Tabor campus.

Academic Mentoring

Would you like help setting and prioritizing academic goals, establishing good study habits, learning effective time management skills, and maximizing your potential for college? Through academic mentoring, you would be given the opportunity to work with a mentor for an entire semester to do just that. Your mentor would be intentionally chosen from Warner Pacific's staff and faculty, and paired with you for ongoing one-on-one meetings. Currently, this program is only offered to traditional students.

If this is something you'd like to participate in, contact the Director of Academic Success, Rod Johanson, at 503.517.1010 or rjohanson@warnerpacific.edu. His office is located in Smith Hall, Room 215, on the Mt. Tabor campus.